Spring Break
Each year thousands of visitors come to the southern most part of  the US to vacation in the pleasant surroundings of South Padre Island Texas. The mild weather, proximity to Mexico, ample entertainment and great resturaunts and clubs keep vacationers coming back year after year. Have a look around this site.  You will find useful information for planning your trip and, of course, lodging suggestions, as the name implies. There are many hotel, motel, condominiums and other lodging rental options.  Refer to the lodging page or links provided here

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There is something for all at South Padre Island. You can be in the middle of the action, or drive far away from civilization due to the unique rule here that allows you to drive on the beaches. There is a charge to do so, and your ticket reciept is a liter bag given by the station to collect trash.  Please use these and help keep our beaches clean!
Have a look around and enjoy your tour South Padre Island!