Spring break
Spring Break is a time of the year to potentially avoid South Padre Island if:

  1. If you are a family
  2. You are budget minded regarding lodging rates
  3. You are an old creepy man (just kidding!)
  4. Crowds bother you, or
  5. You cannot stand young persons dance music
Spring Break runs the entire month of March.  College students from all over the US gather at this spot to party, and well, party.  Obviously, there are implications for those just wanting to go to the island for relaxation.  The hotels are overrrun with students, and pretty much most properties are effected with the exception of the high end properties who will limit the number of students staying in one place or not rent to them at all. Most of these properties are at the north end of the village. 

Even during Spring Break, however, you still can drive on the beach far enough to leave civilization behind, as most of the Spring Breakers consolidate at the southern end of the village and beaches

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