Spring Break
The weather in South Texas can vary so be prepared. In the Summer, temperatures range in mostly the mid 80's to mid 90's coastline.  Of course, inland, the temps regularly creep into the low 100's.  A breeze off the gulf is normal this time of year.  Frequent afternoon storms are normal. The Fall is a great time in South Padre.  The temp's have moderated a bit, there are far less tourists, and the beach is yours under normally bright (and less humid) weather. The Winter season is even less crowded, with temperatures ranging form mid 50's up to close to 80.  At times cold fronts move this far south and can make it even colder. Many businesses are shut or scaled back at this time, with the expetopn around December Holidays.  Lodging rates are very reasonable, as you may expect during the winter.
The weather varies as well in the Spring. Here the tempuratures can range from the 50's once again up to the mid 80's with frequent rains and overcast days. The lodging rates are reasonable in the spring as well, with the exception of March with the onslaught of Spring Break partiers.....madness you may want to avoid, or not.....very entertaining. (more on that on separate page). The busy season does not start until Memorial day.  But in the end, there are thousands of available rooms on South Padre, and with the exception of Spring Break, most properties have availabity at varying rates.  Of course, early bookings get the better rates, as anywhere with lodging.
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